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I won most artistic in my high school yearbook and that stuck with me a bit. I thought that maybe there is something to all of those drawings in my math book (we bought our own books at that school). I was in a few bands and we toured around the country, I was getting my art out as far and wide as I thought possible, not just in music, in merch and album art. One show in particular was in Manhattan and people were dancing so much the floor was bending. 

Ever since it's been all about getting that floor to bend. 

That’s why I create comics, games, and Illustrations that provoke and make you think. Make you “move” a bit, even while sitting in your chair. I want to use art as a rallying cry for all of people, and I mean that to sound as open as it does. If people are open enough to view my work I want the work to matter to them. Bend the floor.

From comics about the unimaginable horrors of child soldiers, to the beautiful desperation of Delta blues artists, and then back around to a video game about Thomas Edison in a battle of wits with Nicola Tesla, I tell stories about things we all know but are just out of our periphery.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with these people/companies:

-Edina Realty

-Closing Eye Studios


-City Pages